Designed for quick and easy use with wheelchairs and mobility scooters, Portable Ramps serve as an inexpensive accessibility solution where semi-permanent Modular Ramps or Vertical Platform Lifts are not applicable. We offer a wide variety of Portable Ramps perfect for navigating thresholds, curbs, entrances, etc. Lightweight construction makes them easy to use; yet they are sturdy, durable and strong. Since Portable Ramps require no installation, they are easily stored and transported. All Portable Ramps are constructed for both indoor and outdoor use with traction safety in mind.

Will a Portable Ramp Work for You?



Portable Ramps are perfect for 1-2 steps with a total of 10-12 inches of rise. For safety consideration, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) recommend a 1:12 ratio, which works out to 1 foot of ramp for each inch of rise, or a 4.8° incline.

Example 1: 2 steps, each with a 4″ rise (8″ of rise total), would require an 8′ ramp

Example 2: A doorway with a 2″ step would require a 2′ ramp


How to Establish Proper Ramp Length

1. Determine the incline that your wheelchair or scooter is designed to climb (ADA standard ratio is 1:12, giving an incline of 4.8°)

2. Measure the rise, which is the distance from the top step/landing to the ground

3. Refer to the Incline Chart for the proper ramp length or use the following formula:

Rise = _______ in. x 12 = _______ in. of ramp needed

Note: Access Lifts & Ramps only offers Portable Ramps with a maximum length of 6′. Before purchasing a ramp, calculate the length you need. If your required length is longer than the Portable Ramps we offer, consider instead a Modular Ramp System.


Which Portable Ramp is Right for You?

Now that you know how to figure out the ramp length you need, there are several types of ramps you can consider to meet your needs.