Opening Doors for Everyone

Power Access Residential Door Openers go almost anywhere!

For anyone who finds a closed door a problem, the Power Access 2300 Residential Door Opener makes access easier by automatically opening and closing the door.

This reliable, low cost operator has a slim design that is ideal for homes. It can be installed in most homes, condominiums, apartments or nearly any non-commercial environment where an inside or outside door should open automatically.

The 2300 has a low profile model for limited room above the door, can be mounted either to the door or door frame, and just plugs directly into any standard wall outlet.

Other Built in Features

  • The door can always be opened manually from either side (although a key may be required)
  • Left and right hand door openers are available
  • If the door meets an obstruction during the opening cycle, the friction clutch will slip, timeout and close
  • Can be adapted to work with most ECU, sip, puff and other control systems
  • Thermally protected drive motor
  • Adjustable door hold-open time (0-30 seconds)
  • Auto close feature
  • Many built in logic features (for example, door can be opened manually and close automatically)
  • One year limited manufactures warranty

Available Options
Push Plate/Push Button Wall Switches
push plate 1push button

  • Wireless signal is coded to prevent signal or frequency issues in multiple unit installation
  • Some models available as flush mount

Coded Radio Transmitter/Receiver
radio control

  • 1,024 possible wireless codes eliminates signal duplication and frequency overlap
  • Can be used to provide given individuals access to different combinations of specified areas

Keyless Entry Systems
keyless entry

  • Provide access for specified individuals
  • Available as wireless or wired type switches with coded wireless signal

Electric Door Lock (Strike)
lock strike

  • Permits door to be secured when closed, but releases automatically or can be unlocked manually and opened
  • Models for metal or wooden jambs

And yes, we also offer Power Door Operators for Commercial applications! Great for retro-fitting doors at your business or  worship center! Click here to learn more!

Mike Leary
VP / Owner
Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist – CAPS
Certified Accessibility & Private Residence Lift Technician – CAT
Licensed Installer in Rochester and Syracuse