Waupaca Custom-Lift Home Elevator

The Waupaca Custom-Lift Home Elevator has a long history of dependability and versatility. With a variety of layouts, the Custom-Lift is suited to new construction or a remodeling project.



Waupaca Custom-Lift Home Elevators are supplied with a 2 year warranty on all parts.



  • 500 lb weight capacity and can travel up to 50' with up to 6 stops
  • Electric Supply - 230 volts, single phase, 60 hertz. A separate 120-volt circuit is required for cab lighting
  • Controls - Fully automatic in car and landings, car light switch and an in/use indicator at landings
  • Drive - Single speed, 2HP, instant reversing
  • Gearbox - High-ratio, direct mounted and coupled
  • Drum - Single drum with outboard bearing
  • Safety Features - Emergency lowering manual hand wheel, emergency alarm, emergency stop switch, wall mount phone jack
  • Slack Cable/Broken Rope - Twin instantaneous, broken and slack cable applied by retained compression spring
  • Car - Frameless car with an accordion gate in white, natural oak, light oak or chalk with 10 different standard interior panel designs


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  • Optional Cab Finishes - Offers stained, lacquered or unfinished cabs in 8 different wood grains
    optional cab finishes
  • Optional Fixture Finishes - Metal finish options for hall stations, cab operating panels and phone boxes
  • Light Fixtures - Light trim rings are selected to compliment panels and accessories, adding the perfect finishing touch
    optional lighting fixtures
  • Gate Options - Optional accordian gates feature clear or bronze acrylic see-through panels
  • Power Gate Operator - Offers the convenience of opening and closing the accordian gate automatically
  • Handrails - Solid-wood round or flat handrails to match your cab interior. Other finishes include brushed or polished chrome or brass



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