Waupaca Cable-Waiter Dumbwaiter

The Waupaca Cable-Waiter Dumbwaiter is designed for vertical transport floor to floor. It is perfect for lifting groceries, laundry, trash, firewood and so much more. A Waupaca dumbwaiter is the perfect solution to enhance the utility of any multi-level home.



Waupaca Cable-Waiter Dumbwaiters are supplied with a 2 year warranty on all parts.



  • 100 lb weight capacity
  • Can travel up to 50 feet, can have up to 6 stops and travels at 30 feet per minute
  • Available in powder-coated steel or optional stainless steel cars
  • Comes with a standard roll top car gate
  • Call/send push button controls at each landing
  • Custom car sizes available to meet specific lift needs
  • The winding drum drive system and heavy-duty steel rails are designed for long service lift
  • Hoistway door interlocks at each landing
  • Safety is assured with standard slack cable monitoring devices, car safeties, top final limit switches, and certified controllers


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  • Car shelves
  • Car light
  • Stainless steel car
  • Bi-parting car gate
  • "Car Here" Indicator
  • "In Use" Indicator
  • Access Door
  • Hoistway Doors



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