Door Motion Technologies MK IV-R

DMT’s MK-IV R Door Operator is ideal for interior and exterior doors up to 4 feet wide that latch when closed. It unlocks, power opens, holds open, power closes and re-locks the door.



Door Motion Technologies MK-IV R Door Operators are supplied with a 2 year limited warranty.



  • Small, attractive and affordable
  • Wireless transmitter operation is standard
  • Easy to interface with security systems
  • Non-handed – system converts from right- to left-hand configuration in 15 minutes or less
  • Push- or pull-open ready
  • No maintenance required
  • Ideal for wheelchair lift gates and elevator swing doors
  • Rugged, all steel construction
  • Quiet, smooth and efficient operation
  • No external safety devices required
  • Provides choice of automatic close or on-demand close
  • Available in standard and custom powder coated finishes


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