Versa Lift Attic Storage System

The Versa Lift is the ultimate attic push-button storage system for your home, garage, basement or business! It’s the only solution that gives you effortless access to the out-of-sight storage space that you already own!



Versa Lift Attic Storage Systems are supplied with a 3 year limited warranty.



  • Standard model: Model 24
  • 200 lb. weight capacity
  • 8 - 11 ft. lifting height
  • Corded remote control
  • Platform size: 20¾" x 44" x 39"
  • Installs in a new framed opening like the one used for a folding attic ladder.
  • Level-Up system closes the ceiling port while raising the platform flush with the upper floor
  • Transports groceries, laundry, portable appliances, tools, firewood and other heavy items safely between floors


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  • Wireless or wall mounted remote controls
  • Up to 20 ft. lifting height
  • Model 32: 250 lb. weight capacity and 28¾" x 56" x 52¾" platform size



Versa Lift Attic Storage System